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Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Our Pest Proofing Services

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Solutions

At Pest Proofing Solutions, we understand the paramount importance of protecting your property against the pervasive threat of termites. With our expertise in pre-construction termite treatment , we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of builders, developers, and home owners alike.

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The Queensland Regulatory Landscape

In Queensland, where termite activity is particularly prevalent, stringent regulations are in place to ensure buildings are adequately safeguarded against termites. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) mandates adherence to the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Australian Standard AS 3660 series, which outline the requirements for construction pest control in new constructions, alterations, and additions

Compliance and Documentation

To comply with Queensland regulations, Pest Proofing Solutions ensures that all pre- construction pest control measures are implemented in accordance with industry and Australian standards. We provide essential documentation, including:

• Form 43 – Aspect Certificate : This form is submitted to the building certifier to state the scope of work conducted and includes details of the termite management system installed.

• Certificate of Installation: Once a termite management system is installed, we issue a certificate of installation to verify compliance with regulatory requirements.

At Pest Proofing Solutions, we proudly utilise TERM-Seal, a state-of-the-art pre- construction termite treatment product, renowned for its effectiveness and durability. TERM-Seal not only acts as a formidable barrier against termite intrusion but also comes with a comprehensive warranty, providing our clients with added peace of mind. This warranty ensures that the TERM-Seal barrier remains intact and effective for an extended period, typically covering up to 50 years, offering long-term protection against termites.

Our team of certified professionals is trained to install TERM-Seal according to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring maximum efficacy and adherence to Queensland regulatory standards. With Pest Proofing Solutions and TERM-Seal, you not only receive superior termite protection but also the assurance of a reliable warranty, safeguarding your property for decades to come.


Our Services

Whether you’re embarking on a new build or renovating an existing property, Pest Proofing Solutions is here to assist you every step of the way. Our pre construction pest control services include:

Site Assessment and Consultation

We collaborate closely with homeowners, builders, and architects to develop a customised termite management plan that addresses the specific needs of each project. This involves thorough discussions and assessments to understand the unique factors influencing termite vulnerability and risk.

By leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we ensure that the construction pest control plan is tailored to the property’s characteristics and environmental conditions, thus providing effective and long-lasting protection against termite infestations.

Barrier System Installation

We specialise in the installation of physical and chemical barrier systems designed to prevent termites from accessing the building structure. These may include:

Physical Barriers: Utilizing materials such as a plastic or fibrous blanket that are impregnated with a poison to create a physical barrier that termites cannot penetrate, helping prevent concealed termite entry.

Chemical Treatments: Chemical treatments are applied to the soil around the perimeter of the structure to create a treatment zone that controls termites. and offers superior protection compared to a physical system.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Once the pre-construction pest control system is in place, Pest Proofing Solutions provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the termite management systems continued effectiveness. In consultation with the homeowner, regular inspections are conducted on an annual basis to detect any signs of termite activity or breaches in the barrier system, allowing for prompt intervention if necessary.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Investing in construction pest control management offers numerous benefits, including:

Cost Savings: By addressing termite management during the construction phase, property owners can avoid the substantial costs associated with termite damage repairs and remediation in the future.

  • Long-Term Protection: Our comprehensive termite management solutions provide long-term protection against termite infestations, preserving the structural integrity and value of the property.
  • Compliance and Peace of Mind: With Pest Proofing Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that your property complies with Queensland regulatory requirements and the Australian standard for termite management. Therefore, providing peace of mind and confidence in the durability of your investment.

The Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Experts

Whether you’re planning a new construction project or renovating an existing property, Pest Proofing Solutions is your trusted partner for pre-construction termite management in commercial and residential properties. With over 15 years of experience servicing the Brisbane area, we provide services for protecting your property from termites, spiders, rodents, possums, and other pests.Choose Pest Proofing Solutions to gain access to:

• Pest management programs designed for all types of Residential and Commercial projects

• Friendly customer service and advice 24/7

• Same day digital reporting service

• Cost and obligation free quotes

Require Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Solutions?

If you are looking to keep your property protected now and into the future, contact us online, send an email to [email protected], or give us a call on 0416 567 292 to schedule a consultation with one of our termite experts.

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